The Aim

Marie, co-founder of At Last, wished to portray her tearooms truthfully via video format to capture the attention of new customers. Her aim has always been to create a place that the community can enjoy but being placed in a small village, she knew video promotion was key to reaching new people.

We worked closely with Marie from initial concept to final filming and editing. Through this process we have produced a piece which Marie is extremely happy with, as it clearly portrays At Last's charm and the wonderful service they provide giving it that family friendly feel.

Behind The Piece

Showcasing the At Last Tearoom at its finest is at the forefront of this piece. Marie, the co-founder of At Last wanted to truly portray her wonderful tearoom to new and returning customers.

The piece flows through the tearoom, showing the amazing memorabilia and British collectibles which really put the 40s/50s stamp on the place. It also features their wonderful pastries, cakes and cocktail room.

We have had a good response from people we know saying the video was brilliant. It all adds to the advertising, reputation and feel of the place we want to put over to people. We love it!
- Marie, At Last Tearooms Co-Founder

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