April 7, 2019

Okay folks, we need to talk. Film is a huge medium for us all to fall in love with, it's not for any one person but for everyone. We grow up with favourite mov

March 27, 2019

Now it has to be said, I'm not the greatest fan of superhero movies. I was never brought up with Marvel or DC comics, purely because my family couldn't afford

March 24, 2019

Mother's Day is nearly here and if you aren't prepared with something lovely for your mum, you best get a move on! The shops have lined themselves with beautif

March 5, 2019

So 'Shrove Tuesday' otherwise known as 'Pancake Day' is back again! Vanessa and myself aren't religious, however we do celebrate the day as it is part of our cu

March 3, 2019

We are bringing back our weekly inspiration blog posts, as we feel it was such a great way to introduce new people that you may not have heard of or considered

February 28, 2019

With being a TV Crime Drama Thriller, where was the drama? Based on a real life case, find out what we think about the dramatisation of Netflix's Dirty John.

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