In the last month Emilia Clarke, who we all know and love as Daenerys Targaryen from hit tv show, Game of Thrones, has recently revealed...

Weekly Inspiration: Emilia Clarke

Okay folks, we need to talk. Film is a huge medium for us all to fall in love with, it's not for any one person but for everyone. We grow up w...

Toy Story 4 - Will It Add To The Nostalgic Series Or Will It Be A Disappointment?

Now it has to be said, I'm not the greatest fan of superhero movies. I was never brought up with Marvel or DC comics, purely because my fa...

WI: The New Superhero - Female Role Models On The Rise

Vanessa and I have always loved the artistry behind the moving image and both aspire to work in the film industry

Why we started TV

Yes, we are back to that time of year again where we take a moment to reflect on our previous twelve months.

Resolutions 2019

Recently the Harvey Weinstein scandal has flooded our tv's around the world leading to the #METOO movement going