The Aim

Mark, founder of Let's Buy British, came to us with the task of capturing his brand. He wanted to produce a piece which entirely portrayed their message and to inspire others to buy British made. However, he was unsure how to go about it without interrupting his clients busy schedules.

We worked closely with Mark to curate and piece together already filmed content from companies he wished to feature. Through this process we are confident we have produced a piece that clearly shows the makers and encourages consumers to take a look at what they offer.

Behind The Piece

Portraying Let's Buy British's brand message was at the forefront of this video. Mark, the founder of Let's Buy British wanted to truly convey what his company is all about and exactly what they offer.

The piece shows a range of their collective, up and down the country, showcasing the initial stage to the final product. The piece has a laid back British feel, as the main focus was on the craftsmanship in the country.

Twilight Visuals have done an amazing job, we honestly can't recommend them enough! When looking to produce a simple video to promote our company, we were unsure how we could go about it without interrupting our clients busy schedules. Hannah and Vanessa took the footage we had access to and created a piece that truly shows of our collective. We couldn't be happier and we can't wait to work with them again!
- Mark, Let's Buy British Founder

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