The Aim

Rob, co-founder of Properties For Sale Cyprus came to us in need of a promotional video with easy to follow format to showcase his properties to potential clients. He wished for the piece to be clear and easy to follow.

We worked with Rob to produce the best format to highlight the best features of his listings. As the piece needed to be clear so that the client could view the property without being within the vicinity, we added clear labelling to each area of the property. We also added a bit of fun with the animation and song to make the piece more pleasing for the viewer.

Behind The Piece

Rob, the co-founder of Properties For Sale Cyprus, wanted to clearly show his properties in a video piece to capture the attention of his target audience. 

The piece clearly shows one of his current listings, through showcasing his stills of the property via animation to make the piece more visually enticing. Plus we have added the addition of room labels so that everyone can clearly view the property without physically being there.

Thank you so much for your hard work. We have been wanting to further visualise our properties to our audience and you have created an amazing format that is clear and fun to help capture their attention. We can't wait to upload it to our site and social channels!
- Rob, Properties For Sale Cyprus Co-Founder

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