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October 24, 2017



When filmmaker and Halloween collide it produces the one and only Tim Burton. Famous for his unique animation style and storytelling, Burton has certainly made waves in the Film Industry.


He started making short films as a teenager in his back garden, using stop motion animation skills and shooting them on 8mm film. Through his schooling he became fond of art and found a love for drawing. He went on to study character animation at the California Institute of Art where he produced the short 'Stalk of the Celery Monster' which attracted the likes of Walt Disney and landed him an animators apprenticeship at the studio, but it was short lived.


Although he worked on movies such as The Fox and the Hound, The Black Cauldron and Tron, his concept art never made it into the finished films and he was consequently dropped due to his drawing style - it wasn't the Disney way.


However this didn't stop Burton from creating films. Vincent, a short film he made with someone he befriended whilst at Disney, helped pave his way into the limelight. Actor Paul Reubens saw the film and asked Burton to direct his characters 'Peewee Herman' cinematic spin off: Peewee's Big adventure, which gained mainstream popularity.


After this big break he has gone on to produce the likes of Batman, Edward Scissor hands, The Nightmare Before Christmas and most recently Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children to name a few and has gone on to become a world renowned director, producer and animator.


His defeats within his career and his style are why he is our inspiration for the week. Just because someone puts you down for having a different style whether personally or within your work, you have to get back up again and learn from those set backs to progress and achieve.



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