Getting in the spirit

November 1, 2017


So as it's the 1st of November, CRAZY, we know; we thought it would be a great idea to round up some of our favourite halloween moments and work that really got us in the spooky spirit.


Myself and Vanessa love Autumn and especially halloween. It's the time of year you can really let that spooky alter ego out - even though both of us didn't dress up (definitely a first for me) - and we both stayed in watching scary movies, eating sweet and savoury goodies (another first!). This year has truly been a little hectic, we're both extremely busy with work, so we thought we'd take a step back and use our spare time to relax.


The main thing running through our Facebook feed, if you follow us - if not you should - was our 'Film Pick of the Day'. We both have so many Halloween films that we love and wanted to include but we wanted to have a range of different styles in there that everyone could love and deal with. We didn't think anyone would really want to be coming home from work on a Monday night to watch The Hills Have Eyes - unless you've had a really bad day. We just wanted to ease our followers into those classic films we have all grown up with to help us all get in the spirit. 


Starting from the 23rd and going up until the 31st we had a movie everyday that everyone could really sit down and watch. We included family friendly movies such as Ghostbusters, The Addams Family and Hocus Pocus but also had some more sinister watches such as Creep, The Hills Have Eyes and The Exorcist. Obviously we knew that not everybody would necessarily like every pick of ours but it was really fun for us to share some of our favourite seasonal movies.


On the 27th, Stranger Things 2 came out, which of course - even though it isn't a movie - had to be our pick of the day. As soon as we watched the first episode of the first season when it launched we immediately fell in love with it. It's so nostalgic and really does pull you into the world they have magically created, full of mystery and charm - although some what scary. The launch day of the second season I decided to go all out and decorate my living room in Stranger Things style ready for our evening viewing. It was super fun and really added to the atmosphere. 


Alongside decorating, Halloween really wouldn't be complete with out us carving some pumpkins which you can see by clicking here. Although we love Autumn, those darker days really do put us both on a bit of a downer, we get ourselves into the Autumn slump as we call it and just feel super drained, so carving pumpkins together was a nice pick up and really got us motivated for TV work. 


We also launched our website and blog (a massive step for us) just before Halloween to give you all a little more insight into what we do. Over on our blog we wrote posts on Halloween - Where it all began and also added in our spooky inspirations such as Tim Burton and Christine Mcconnell and a look at the iconic horror characters we all know today. These posts truly are things we are passionate about and draw inspirations from and we hope that we can show them more through our future work. 


Overall we had a really great Halloween, exploring some new and exciting things and we are excited to see what November brings us. 



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