Helen Anderson: Weekly Inspiration

November 7, 2017


Today's weekly inspiration comes from a medium we haven't spoken about as of yet but it is definitely something we have dabbled in. Vlogging / video blogs initially became popular in 2005 and by 2006 YouTube was the most popular platform to showcase our daily lives.


To many the thought of filming your every moment and putting it together in a video for all to see is crazy but there is an odd enjoyment you get from watching someone else's life. Maybe its the age of social media in play making us all lazier, not asking our friends what they're up to but instead just watching their vlogs. Or maybe its partly that making connections with people we deal with on a daily basis isn't appealing anymore, instead these vloggers become a part of our lives like they are a friend we never thought of having.


I have watched people on YouTube since I was about 11 but the main YouTuber I watch today is Helen Anderson. She graduated in film and moving image and fell into the world of vlogging and blogging. Starting with an interest in hair tutorials and styling videos as a hobby, her youtube career expanded and is now her life. She has created a brand around herself and luckily we are invited in on the daily to see the 'goods of her labour' and it looks sweet. 


This is why Helen is our inspiration of the week. To create a brand takes time and determination but to basically put it out there and say this is me is very courageous. With her two YouTube channels combined she has over 727.K subscribers with an added 362.K followers across other platforms. She is not only a YouTuber but a fashionista and singer/songwriter with a lovable and lively personality.  


We would love to be as successful as Helen after vlogging for as long as she has!


If you fancy delving yourself in her life you can find her here: Main Channel, Vlog Channel, Blog, Instagram:@helenanderz and Twitter: @HelenAnderz


Happy Viewing!

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