Exploring Madrid

November 12, 2017

For my 23rd birthday I decided to be spontaneous and take myself for a little getaway to Madrid. The cheap flight to hot sunny Spain in October was the persuasive factor but what could possibly go wrong on an unplanned cheap holiday?

I stayed with my long-lost aunt, just 10-minutes away from central Madrid on the Metro.

I don't understand why anyone drives in or around the centre when the Spanish really have their public transportation figured out. 

Although my stay was with family, I was certainly a tourist and got the grand tour of many wonderful places in the city. One of which was the Art Museum, El Prado. I will always visit one where ever I travel. 

However, I am an architecture appreciator and didn't even really have to go to touristic places such as the Royal Palace to take it all in. Side walks and ordinary places are just as satisfactory to get the countries stereotype in films. If you left your washing in the streets in England, it would most certainly get stolen.

All the food that came with sightseeing was absolutely wonderful but the highlight of my spontaneous holiday was to find out I have 24 direct cousins, of which I only got to meet a handful. Combining travel with family visits is always a great idea. I'm most certain more travel features will occur in the future.

I have to give a personal thank you to my favourite cousin who is not only straight-out-of-National-Geographic-stunning but was also my personal translator. Can you believe she is fluent in 4 different languages and in her teens? I"m jealous.

Alongside political disasters, government decisions and Catalonia seeking independence my flight back to the UK was cancelled. Although I got an extended holiday, it was quite stressful when things don't go to plan, or in my case, when I don't have a plan. I'm sure everyone could think of worse places to be stranded.









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