Samantha Maria: Weekly Inspiration

November 14, 2017

This week’s inspiration goes right back to what sparked my interest in youtube. Being a curly-haired teenager in my mid-teens I had finally come across someone that also has a round face and curly hair and was therefore very relatable. And so my search for curly hair tutorials ended and I dived into the culture of watching youtubers.



Samantha Maria is a London based Fashion and Lifestyle Youtuber and blogger. Seeing past the styling, hauls and make-up tutorials which helped me get through my teenage years, Sammie has touched up on subjects like body positivity, anxiety and domestic abuse.


On her main channel Samantha Maria has a happy and bubbly personality with a very positive outlook on life but alongside her vlog channel you quickly realise that she’s very much down to earth and is not afraid to speak her mind.


Having watched 8 years worth of video’s I feel like my confidence has built up alongside hers. She’s truly an inspiration with her wonderful presence on the internet and I am thankful that I came across her youtube channel one day and had someone there who was starting out too.


Today, she has a clothing brand Novem & Knight and a wonderful family. Her wedding by Paper Twin Weddings was tear jerking. It’s understandable that older generations are still getting used to youtubers giving viewers an insight into ones privacy but that is one thing she's been able to do very well and keep it real in her vlogs. If Sammie has a bad day, she will most likely tell us.


May I just point out that she's been featured in magazines, given talks in events and has the most wonderful blog. She's photogenic, fashionable, vlogs, edits, runs a business and is a mother.

What can't she do?


Samantha Maria has certainly helped me pursue a few things that I was afraid to do and although I don’t know her personally, it sure feels like I do.



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