Weekly Vlogging

November 20, 2017


So Vanessa and I decided to start weekly vlogging to help give Twilight Visuals a face. We both feel like we are more connected to a brand when you can see the people behind it. You can connect with them and grow with them as they progress and feel as though you have helped them achieve a bit more in their business just by supporting them. 


This is where In the Twilight came into play. We decided as we we're going to be showing our daily life, not only behind the scenes of Twilight Visuals, we wanted to create our own separate brand. This brand we aim for in the future to expand to not only showcase our vlogs but other things we are interested in such as fashion, lifestyle, travelling you name it to really give a personal side to our business that everyone can get involved with if they want to. We want Twilight Visuals and In the Twilight to go hand in hand - professional and personal. 


One day we were going through our planners working out a schedule for content to put out to our followers and played around with the idea of vlogging.


Whenever I go away on holiday or to a big event like a festival, I always film anyway and put it together like a vlog just so I can look back on it, so vlogging wasn't exactly new to me. However I've never really filmed myself talking to a camera - something I've only just sat myself down to do in vlog 10 but I haven't quite managed to do it in public yet like Vanessa. I don't know whether it's partly because Peterborough doesn't have vloggers, even just filming out and about people are like woahh, let alone filming myself talking to a camera not a person. Yes Peterborough is very far behind in the filming world - but we aim to change that.


Gradually I am getting more confident with filming in public, the more I relax the more I can take time to capture shots I want to show in our vlogs. I may get some random stares but I'm now just trying to take them on the chin, plus a lot of the time I think people are just intrigued to know what you're doing and hope you're not filming them. With doing something you enjoy you just have to be confident, even if it does seem alien to everyone around you. 


Getting filming every day programmed into my daily routine is something I have struggled with. As I'm currently working from home I just tend to get on with what I'm doing and don't necessarily push the record button to film every little thing, but I guess that's what makes up a vlog. It's our daily life, but right now I feel mines not all that interesting - so sad - at 23 I don't have an interesting life - stay in school kids. Let's be real though you don't want to sit and watch someone working for a whole vlog do you? 

Plus I think a problem is if you're having a bad day, vlogging those moments for all to see is very personal - and I can't say i'm ever in the mood to talk to anyone or see anyone let alone film myself having a bad day for everyone to look at.


What vloggers do in a way is quite admirable, they film their every moment - the good and the bad - and I think that's what draws us into watching strangers personal lives. We can relate to them. I guess it's something we will gradually get the grasp of the more we implement it into our lives.


Overall so far I feel it's going well, people actually seem to be enjoying our vlogs and I'm quite excited to see our vlog skills grow. We both know where we want to go with vlogging and I think as long as we're enjoying it and all of you are we will continue to vlog. Next major vlogging milestone will be vlogmas and we can't wait!




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