Love Yourself: De-stress

November 26, 2017

This week’s post is inspired by Stress Awareness Day.


There are countless stories world-wide of people suffering of severe health issues caused by stress, many of which have not been told.


It is a necessity that you take care of your mental health state, even our GP’s struggle with it.


A survey by where more than 800 GP’s participated, revealed that “around 11 per cent had turned to alcohol, and 6 per cent to prescription drugs in response to work pressures”, Pulse magazine found.


The stress awareness day at the beginning of the month, has marked the day we all started to take mental health a little more serious. And I think it was about time. I have over a dozen of people around me that suffer with stress or anxiety.


Alyson, a 35-year-old attorney had a stroke due to a high stress level, causing the left side of her body to be paralysed. However, strokes occur at an average age of 65. It is so important to have a healthy mind as it can affect your physical health so significantly.


More relatable, Australian Catherine Plano, who believed to have a heart attack which was an anxiety attack, worked longer shifts, overtime and put her mental health at risk as a result of it. Catherine developed chronic anxiety. 


So many of us work overtime. Are you looking after yourself properly?


According to the NHS, Generalised anxiety disorder in adults is a more common condition than we think, with an estimate of 5% of the UK population affected by it.


High-pressure jobs that come with a great amount of tension, anxiety and can literally make you sick. Today, Catherine offers several services dedicated to strengthening ones’ mental health.


I was lucky enough receive a thoughtful, de-stress care package, you shouldn’t wait around for someone to put one together for you though.


I always ensure I have an hour a day just for myself. Whether I take myself out for a coffee, watch a film to make me laugh or just lounge around and do nothing. It doesn't always have to involve money, soaking in a bath is my personal favourite way to de-stress.


Whatever it is that you need to make you feel more mentally stable, you should take matters in to your own hands and create your own care package. 


 Take care of yourself because health comes first.



Shop my de-stress care package:


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