We're part of a British collective!

November 28, 2017



So we have been part of a collective called Let's Buy British basically since we became a company, hence why they are our sponsor. Let's Buy British is a company showcasing and promoting all the fine products and services from the UK's army of entrepreneurs not only to the nation, but the world.



"For decades the "Made in Britain" stamp was a symbol of quality for others to match up to and with more wealth generated around the world we find British is sought after even more so" - and we couldn't agree more. Britain used to be the trading hub of the world, exporting all sorts of beautiful craftsmanship on an industrial scale and we believe it can be that again.



With Brexit negotiations we believe there's no better time to push British skills. Although Let's Buy British are fairly new they are already making great waves within the community of British entrepreneurs. We are truly proud to be part of the collective to promote quality British made products, standing amongst some amazing well established companies. Check them out and spread the news!

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