Why we started Twilight Visuals

December 3, 2017


Vanessa and I have always loved the artistry behind the moving image and both aspire to work in the film industry, with a passion to produce creative content. However we have never known how to get our first steps into the industry other than by scrounging together some money to get down to London to be someones slave for the day - it's never appealed if I'm honest. I understand that being a runner is the main way into the industry but without money and not living in London it just isn't a reasonable option. 


'When not start where you live?' I have been asked this question by multiple people over the years but Peterborough doesn't have a great deal in terms of creative jobs. It's mainly made up of retail, restaurants and insurance companies. Yes if you do your research there are a couple of places you could work as a video editor, but as those jobs are so limited they are pretty hard to get.


For a few years after finishing university I worked jobs I hated but always found the time to create videos that I really loved, just not as often as I would have liked. Summer 2017 came by and I was asked to film a family wedding. I knew I wouldn't be able to film the whole thing by myself, so asked my long term friend Vanessa to help out. She had just finished university so the timing was perfect. 


We both have worked on various projects, nothing alike and we both have different styles, but after discovering we work together seamlessly, everything else fell into place. More people were asking each of us for video work and it seemed logical to create our own business. Before we knew it, we were the proud owners of Twilight Visuals. 


Our overall aim in creating our own photography and videography business is obviously to allow us to work in an industry we have always dreamed of being in but to also introduce Peterborough to this industry, creating experience and hopefully jobs for young people aspiring to be photographers, filmmakers and other creatives alike. 


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