Creators: Optimising your work process

December 4, 2017


Optimising your work process is key to achieve the goal set for each day. If you have a small business it is hard to get your head around everything that needs doing and when. Keeping track of your own roles is hard in itself; you are not only a creator, you're a marketing master, accountant and full time digital lover. We have found the best way to keep on top of everything is by setting goals and planning your day in order to get the most out of your time. 


Obviously this isn't always as easy as it sounds and I for one used to completely struggle with keeping to my schedule. There was always something that would creep up which would be that bit more important. I always wanted to tell myself in a situation like this, change it, make what you're passionate about the more important thing but when it comes to washing, eating etc they are necessities. Although, in a sense so is your work, if it's something that makes you happy it's a necessity and you need to figure out a way to fit everything else around it.


I came up with five main points that I now live by and they have truly helped me to keep on top of all of my content and help me to produce quality content too.

1. Buy yourself a nice diary. I find that the cheap ugly ones don't motivate me to do anything. If you are a quote lover find one with something motivational on it or if you're like me a colourful pretty pattern does the trick. This is something simple that just makes your diary a bit more inviting, you'll actually want to use it. A weekly planner is a great idea as well!

2. Learn when you are most productive to help schedule in what days you need to have specific tasks done, such as your household chores and your work or when you find you are seriously lacking motivation creating an hourly schedule will help to keep yourself on track.

3. Moving to a different location really seems to help my concentration. Whether it's to a different room in the house or to my favourite coffee shop, it helps me to look at things differently and sometimes really helps to overcome that nasty writers block.

4. Snacking! This is something I have realised over the last year or so, is that if i'm lacking concentration I will be distracted by everything and just want to snack. By making a smoothie to have with me whilst working it gives me no excuse to leave my work station to get food. If you're struggling with this too, why not give it a go!


5. Chill time. Don't forget to chill out and re-charge the batteries. Over working can really drain you and won't help you in creating good content.


If you find you're struggling, why not give them a go.

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