Things we hate about Christmas

December 19, 2017


Christmas is all about family and everyone getting together. It's about the decorations, the delicious food and the festive music. There is just nothing nicer than walking into your home filled with Christmas scents of candles and home cooked treats. However, without being a scrooge, here are the things we hate about Christmas.


1. Music

One thing we will never understand is when shops decide to start playing their Christmas music in October - we don't even want to hear it until the last week of November! The overplayed Christmas hits we hear every year for months is painful and just adds to the stress that you're already under to arrange Christmas and all the wonderful things that come with it.


2. Advertising

Christmas is advertised way to early and clogs up every shop front, tv channel and radio. As soon as Halloween is over, you can expect advertisement to have changed from scary to haunting. You can't escape it, it's everywhere.


3. Shopping

As soon as Christmas is advertised, suddenly the worlds population decides to be in the City Centre. You can't move in shops and queue for hours, it's a nightmare. I'd say do your Christmas shopping online however, I don't even trust Amazon next day delivery after several people had the wrong item delivered last month. It will most likely get worse.


4. Gifting

Let's be honest, Christmas is meant to be for children and so when you ask an adult what they want, you get a shoulder shrug. It's exhausting to be thoughtful under pressure. Almost everyone says "if I wanted something, I would buy it myself", and that makes sense. They have it all. You're lucky if you have kind and decisive people around you that make wish lists.


5. Wrapping

There is nothing worse than wrapping awkwardly shaped gifts, running out of wrapping paper and having sellotape everywhere apart from where you need it. Have you ever been done with wrapping a present and the pretty patterned paper rips? Honestly, gift bags make more sense. They're reusable.


6. Ethics

Part of me feels guilt when we're all wrapped up, cosy, with a glass of wine and having a natter with the family. There are people out there that don't have a warm meal, decorations or anyone to talk to. Christmas is so forced upon us that people naturally feel down when they're not doing it. Maybe they're not a scrooge, maybe they're a widow or homeless. I know you can't help everyone but I simply wish it was the season of giving to the community and not showering your friends and family is materialistic things.


7. Being a grown up

Wasn't Christmas so much nicer when you were a child? Now you're stressing about shopping, gift giving, cooking, decorating and know you can't please everyone. On top of that, Christmas songs are haunting you for two months at work and you can't say no to all of that delicious, mouth-watering food. So you're piling on the pounds and you're out of money. Oh why did we want to grow up so fast? 


Merry Christmas everyone! We hope we haven't ruined it x



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