2018 Goals/Resolutions

January 15, 2018

We're going to scrap the new year 'resolutions' and ditch the whole social stigma of 'new year new me' by calling our resolutions, goals. It is more effective to think of an action plan with achievable, realistic short and long term goals. The best way to map those out is to reflect on your last year. Think to yourself what went well, badly and what could you have improved? Ultimately, this should influence your goals for this year. 


1. Wedding Season

This year we will be able to cover weddings as soon as the season opens. We're looking forward to diving right in and creating some beautiful memories. Weddings will always have a soft spot in our hearts since one in particular, sparked our business.


2. Long term planning

Since Twilight Visuals was established halfway through 2017, this year we have the opportunity to plan and map out content for the entire year. 


3. Content you love

We want to continue making the things you all love! Such as our lookbook and our vlogs - we enjoy creating different types of content and we want we make sure we are creating pieces you all actually enjoy to watch.


4. Continue developing

We want to continue to expand our skillset by embracing new things we haven't done before in photography and videography but also digital design and animation.


5. New adventures

This year we aim to have more adventures to share with you all. We can't wait to start exploring as a company in the UK and abroad - something we both have always wanted to do is travel to new places and we really feel we could incorporate this into our brand.


6. Community work

We both want to be more active in our community - there are many projects we have on the idea board we would like to start working on this year. Overall our aim is to help and give awareness to certain issues and also put Peterborough on the map.


7. Empower Women

This is the year we want to really create our brand - show who we are and what we stand for. We want to give opportunities to women not only in our industry but in experience.


8. Our year

This year we are determined that it'll be our year. We want to grow our business and we hope you all stay with us for our new set of goals this time next year!



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