New Years Inspiration

February 5, 2018

To kick off the new year we want to share the story of four inspiring people that have struggled on their journey to success and are more relatable than you think. They're an all year inspirational reminder that it is not always easy to get to where you want to be. However, you will get there with hard work and determination. 


1. Sylvester Stallone

Just another actor right? After countless unsuccessful castings he found himself on the streets selling his dog for next to nothing, in order to feed himself. After writing Rocky he turned into one of the most successful actors in the industries. He turned down many producers offers to buy the script but his persistency to play the lead role got him to where he is today. The first thing he did after making the real role deal he bought his dog back. This story makes our hearts melt but it's real, keep persistent!



2. Albert Einstein


A philosophical, scientific genious that developed the sense of speech later than the average toddler along with other things. Many worried about Einsteins abilities but now, 60 years after his death, everyone knows his name. You didn't learn how to walk, run a marathon or run a business when you're born. Everything takes time. However, Einstein isn’t relatable because he’s a German genious but because he was doubted time and time again on his capabilities. Sounds familiar, right? Don't give up.


3. Walter Disney

Disney characters mark the some of the earliest memories of many generations but it was a long process until these cartoons were brought to life. Similar to Einstein, Walter Disney was also questioned on his abilities. He was honourably one of the most creative people on earth, who still brings joy to children today. He has built an empire on his ideas, yet he was criticised time and time again for his 'lack of creativity' until he proved the world wrong. 



4. J.K Rowling

We're not quite sure if J.K Rowling isn't a wizard herself because she's certainly magical. She managed to over come years of abuse and has blessed us with a world that we'd all like to escape to and live in. Having overcome this, she has brought to us the books that sit in most children's bookshelves and libraries. If you find yourself in an impossible situation in life, just remember anything is possible.



We hope these four people have sparked some kind motivation, they certainly inspired us. For more inspiration have a glance at our Tuesday Inspiration posts!






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