Goodbye January

February 5, 2018


If you follow our vlogs you will have seen that 2018 really didn't start off very well for either of us. 


Vanessa just before Christmas received some bad news about her dog Max, which sadly turned from bad to worse in the new year, making January a very tough month for her and her family. 


I unfortunately was ill for most of the month, so it was a complete write off for me with everything and I have only just about recovered - Feb 5th. I hate being ill, I always want to be doing something and this month my brain has just not worked.


So as we take steps into February we are delighted and relived to say goodbye to an awful month and we wish for it to be the worst month of our year. Although, we have learnt that we can't always be doing everything, that we are still human and have to take time to grieve, to recuperate, to be a person and spend time with those we hold important. 


These are the things we are going to hold closely with us as we go through this year. We will be working hard to build our brand but we don't want to forget to take time for ourselves in the process. 


We hope you all stay with us on our journey and we wish you all have a great 2018.


Hannah and Vanessa xx





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