Our newest venture: Galentines Playlist

February 12, 2018


We're super excited and we hope you are too. We have been working super hard on Twilight Visuals and In the Twilight, figuring out where we want to go with both brands and how we plan to build them.


One new thing we wanted to implement, mainly with In the Twilight was creating a Spotify for our company to share music for all occasions with you guys. From our favourite movie scores to the best party tunes, we were really keen to add a new side to our brand.


Music influences us a lot when it comes to creating our video work, as it does many people. Dramatic scores, action packed pieces, songs created for an epic journey, you name it - we can listen to pieces of music and just imagine the scenes they would fit with. As you would fit songs to your mood, it works the same with film - it's all to make us feel something. Without an intense score a fight scene wouldn't seem as intense on screen, like a thriller would be less identifiable without string instruments to build the tension in various places.


Music is a strong medium that we are surrounded by everyday as it's so accessible now. So without further adieu, here is our very first playlist: Galentines Playlist! 


As you can see from the title this playlist has been created for Galentines. Whether you are hosting a party or just chilling with your girl, this playlist will really get you feeling the girl power!


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