Is Valentines a dying holiday?

February 14, 2018


An over commercialised day to express your love to one another - sounds extremely romantic right? With the growing popularity of celebrating Galentines, are we moving away from celebrating the cultural holiday of Valentines?


Well we're putting it to the test. We've gathered our girls together and asked them what they think to Valentines and whether they're celebrating it this year. Here's what they had to say:




Valentine’s for me is not something I celebrate loads, not because I’m a cupid hater, but just for the fact I think it’s so commercialised! I’m open for spending time together on this day, but buying each other roses and chocolates, no thanks. This year we plan on spending the evening together, ordering a Nando’s takeaway and trying to get into the spirit of things. Who says romance is dead?


- Chloe, 24





I’ve never been too bothered about Valentine’s Day. I remember getting my friend to give a card to my crush in year 5, and that’s probably the biggest V-day event to have happened in my life to date.

It’s always nice to have another reason to express your love for someone, but on a day when everyone is doing it, you can’t help feeling cliché and pretty damn fake for joining in.

Restaurants can get away with charging twice as much for a “special Valentine’s set menu” and, not that I’ve tried, but I’m sure you’d have to book a few weeks in advance to get a table. And who even has their life together in January? Not me.

I guess there are other options such as the cinema, or a weekend away (although that’d also be ridiculously expensive and fully booked). In all honesty, for me, a night in eating snacks and watching The Office will suffice. We do this most nights but it’s cool to have another reason to do so.

In other (better) news… Pancake Day!?!?


  - Sam, 23




With Valentines Day just around the corner, some people will be eagerly excited to shower their lovers with gifts and attention. However for me and my partner, Valentines Day is normally just like any other day. We usually wish each other a Merry Love Day and possibly go out for a meal or grab a KFC and pig out at home.


Whilst it is nice to express your love for a person and spread a positive vibe in a somewhat stressful world, I feel each year Valentines Day is becoming more about how much money is spent on a loved one rather than focusing on the original gesture.


All too often people are quick to post on social media the 1000 roses they received or the expensive gift their lover splashed out on to keep up with the “my partner is better than yours” competition. For me, having my partner cracking his silly jokes and telling me he loves me is worth more than any Valentines chocolate or rose.


- Sadie, 23




Valentines is just another day for me but since everyone I know celebrates it somehow, I make the day about loving self confidence and treating myself for how hard I’ve worked (even if I haven’t!)


- Iqra, 22




I’m single so I guess celebrating Valentines is out of the question, but to be honest even if I was with someone I wouldn’t be anyway. I have never really been a massive fan of Valentines day. It’s the mushy stuff, the rubbish cards and the sickening pda that just puts me off. 


Yes it’s great to be treated like a princess for a day, not that I have experience to relate, but it shouldn’t be on a specific day of the year. Surely if someone is going to treat you to thoughtful gifts or a romantic dinner, it would mean more when they haven’t been prompted to do it because society dictates it. 


In previous relationships, I’ve been surprised with make shift breakfasts and flowers, as much as the gesture is nice, let me refer to my previous point. I know it sounds a little heartless but “love” shouldn’t be limited to one day and should it really be coming down to making breakfast for your other half as a gift? 


Honestly my perfect plans for Valentines would be staying in watching movies with popcorn and chocolate and spending time with the people I love, sounds pretty perfect to me - which is what I’ll most likely be doing!


- Hannah, 23




Although I dislike that Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday reminder to treat your loved ones, I appreciate it as flowers and chocolates go on offer. Whether I’m single or in a relationship, I always ensure to treat myself around the week of valentines with a pamper evening, a good film or just by simply doing nothing. Now, being in a long term relationship, my other half and I do treat each other to little gifts or kind gestures but it’s not necessarily a big deal. A card is a must, for memories sake but that’s about it.


- Vanessa, 23



There is a common theme that runs through the plans on Valentines for most of the girls, which is to just spend time with each other rather than showering one another with gifts and doing the "traditional" cheesy cliché things, or self love, an excuse to treat yourself to a little pamper is always the best!


No matter what you're doing this Valentines, just remember it's just another day of the year.


Happy Valentines!




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