Creative Community: Tuesday Inspiration - A long time friend

March 6, 2018

So as you all hopefully know by now we have started our own creative community. We want to bring people together who are truly creative and talented to produce some really awesome work. If you've read previous posts, you will know living in Peterborough there is a lack of opportunities for young people to practice their creative talents, along with a lack of jobs. We want to change this. 


The Arts isn't necessarily held in high regard and it is always the first to have it's funding cut. This is initially why we came up with our creative community and we are determined to make it happen. We want to create more opportunities and jobs and show younger people that they don't have to work in a supermarket or an office for the rest of their lives. 


So this week it's apt to talk about another person who is part of our creative community. This is someone who has been a friend of mine since year 7, who may be the most independent one in our group. She's a go getter and is putting her life experiences together on her blog - Pretty Magpie.



Meet Chloe.


Chloe's blog Pretty Magpie has recently been relaunched, so it is updated, modern and easy to use. She is a lifestyle blogger who likes to write about holiday destinations - the hidden gems on a small budget, couples getaways, you name it, her celiac journey - finding out, dealing with it and recipes, her life goals and advice. She covers such a wide range of topics and her posts are great to read.


I know I know her but I feel you could read her posts and know her without meeting her - which we think is very important in writing and connecting with an audience. Please go and check out her blog Pretty Magpie and give her some support.


You can also find Chloe on Instagram here: @chloemxxx




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