Reflecting and Updates

April 22, 2018


Hello sunshine! Now I know i’m not the only person to be happy at the appearance of the sun and honestly it’s sad to see it go. It’s been a stressful few months and Twilight has been no exception in getting caught up in the stress. As a new business I know this is natural, and you’ve got to go with the flow, not just expect miracles to happen overnight.


However I have been reassessing everything, figuring out what is working well and what could be done better. One thing that is changing is the vlogs for In the Twilight. The original aim for the vlogs were to shed some insight into the business about what we do and who we are, however I feel maybe they have slightly strayed from this direction. So from now on the vlogs will mainly be of behind the scenes and new things happening within the business. I want to take the time to put more time into the video pieces we set out to make, such as lookbooks, sit down videos etc for this channel.


For those of you who have enjoyed the vlogs and have supported them so far, thank you so much! It seriously does mean a lot to have so much support so early on and it truly is appreciated. However, I want you guys to have the videos to watch that we intended. I am considering doing vlogs on my personal channel, so if you have enjoyed them head over to my channel and subscribe > Hannah Cooper


With Twilight Visuals, we have been quiet however we have still been working away doing a range of different shoots and we can't wait to share the pieces with you all. I've been allowing the time, at least for myself, to really focus on developing our work and looking at how it can improve all the time. Whether it's shooting skills, editing skills, colouring skills, we all know that everyone can always improve. This is to allow us to offer a better service for all of our customers - as it is all about you guys!


Finally here on the blog I have been putting a range of things into place that I hope will be really exciting and interesting for you all to read and get on board with. I aim to have in the near future guest blogs from the people in our creative community. We have a range of people on board and we really want this to be a space where we talk about creative skills, how to get into creative jobs, creative must see moments, tips, tricks, you name it, to inspire new people and to inform as well.


So one last thank you and I'll speak with you soon!


- Hannah 

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