Stress Attack

September 27, 2018

A lot of people used to call me Stressy Nessy. It is a very negative nickname to have. Stress is serious, can cause burnouts and anxiety. Whether it is your studies, private matters or work, stress affects your mental ability to carry out simple tasks. Just like any other mental health issue, stress can be high, low or severe and it should be taken seriously across the board as it will cause mental exhaustion. I am not a mental health specialist however, I have come up with my own formula to ‘ATTACK’ my stress and I wanted to share it with you.



We're always told that acceptance is the first key to recovery. Before you find yourself in a full-on frenzy, in tears or anxious with mental exhaustion, it may be wise to accept that you are a stressed person naturally and find your stress triggers to take precautionary measures.


To-do lists

Tick off lists are my life saver. Write your thoughts down so that your mind is not overwhelmed with everything that you have to get done. Once I have written out what I have to do, I tend to not stress about it so much as I am less likely to forget about it. 

It is my most wonderful stress relieving tool.



Not only is it a great British tradition that I have happily adapted but it’s also makes sense. Put the kettle on, have your favourite brew and take a minute to breathe. Whether it is herbal, English breakfast or fruity, it will make you take some time out of your day and keep you hydrated.



Remove yourself from the stressful situation whether it is work, a deadline or even a heated argument. Going for a walk around the block helps me to the reassess the situation from a different perspective in a more logical way. And when you’re back, light your favourite scented candle to get a better atmosphere in the air.



Between difficult tasks or serious decision making, it will be one thing less to worry about. A shower, bath or a facial routine will force you to focus on your self. Let the water wash your stress away, even if it just for 10 minutes. You will be fresh and it will be one less thing to do in your stressful day.


Kick butt

You've accepted that you are stressed and taken five, now it is time to take action with your to-do list! Do not let stress get in your way. Attack the the matter that are causing it in calm and collected way. 



P.S. Mental health is important so if you see someone that is stressed, hand your pal a cuppa, help them prioritise their to-do list or go for a walk with them. Please remember, kindness does not cost. 


Stay happy and healthy,


x x x

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