Vanessa's Moving Tips

July 19, 2018

Moving is not always pain-free and easy, you can encounter many hurdles and mishaps. I have recently moved out from home so I feel qualified to be giving some basic pointers as to where to start. Here are my first 5 tips for a simpler move.


1. Make arrangements

Having friends and family on board to help with the process is always a bonus however, my biggest tip is ti arrange a moving van. I moved all my belongings within one hour, whereas my partner took all day to inconveniently drive backwards and forwards in a car. Although it is still a great means of transporting your household, I recommend getting a moving van for a stress-free, quick and efficient move.


2. Inspect, don’t assume

You have found the house you would like to make your home but is it a good area? I sound like a little like a stalker but after viewing the property, I put the feelings of excitement on hold and ensured to check out the area again at day and night to get a feel for the neighbourhood. Don’t be afraid to ask around what others think about it too. It is all nice and well living in your castle but you also want to feel comfortable when you step outside. Checking the crime rates in the area is definitely a must.


3. Get some tools

Once you have moved and you’re buried between boxes with no idea with where to begin, building furniture to put the items into seems like a good start. It is wise to invest into some tools such as a spanner, screwdrivers and a hammer. You will certainly need them and it is not something you think about beforehand. Or I at least didn’t. I am still yet to invest in a power drill to but my mirror up.



 4. Label correctly

Talking of boxes, ensure to label yours whilst you pack. There is nothing more frustrating than needing that one item and not having a clue where it is. I would not want to open a dozen boxes to find something, it could be anywhere. I labelled my boxes by rooms and contents such as 'bedroom (bedsheets)'. This avoids cluttering room on room with the incorrect items and makes the movers lives easier, even if it is just yourself.


5. Do your research

Go in store, check online or phone in. This applies to anything and everything from furniture, energy providers and internet to transportation. For one, you would not want to move somewhere where there is not a corner shop for the next few miles, especially when you cannot drive, like myself.  Many people don’t realise that the internet, TV licence, council tax and so on, can be set up prior to moving. This will avoid a lot of stress, rushed decisions and paying unnecessary higher tariffs. Besides, moving in without wifi is like living in the stone age.



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