Access Creative X Helen Anderz Workshop

August 2, 2018

Last Thursday we excitedly headed down to London for our workshop with Access X Helen Anderz. This is the first time we have ever been to anything like this and at first we were quite apprehensive on how the day would turn out, especially as the whole #TanaCon scandal has just soared across the world of Youtube.


Plus I (Hannah) have been watching Helen since the hair tutorial days, so to meet someone you have been watching for so many years is pretty odd and crazy to say the least. I’m not a fangirl type of person, I don’t obsess over people, however I do really respect Helen for what she has created and how she has used Youtube and social media to her advantage.



Let’s just say the event was extremely hot. Not just as it was over what felt like 100 degrees but because Helen revealed secrets to how she became a creator and spilled everything from her management, motivation and to the apps that she uses.


It was just so lovely to see the wonderful and inspiring Helen in the flesh. She truly seems in person exactly how she is in her vlogs. It really gave us the motivation to start vlogging and filming again and be true to ourselves. Helen is completely down to earth and as you can see from her videos, very much real.


One of the questions that I (Vanessa) was burning to ask was “How do you deal with another creator producing the exact same content as you, whether it is a brand deal, general idea or sponsorship, when their video performs better?”. I did not, as I thought it would dampen the mood - clearly my head got the better of me.

The reason behind wanting to ask this question is the fact that creators are often not in a supportive community and jealousy does arise. From a creative perspective, it is very difficult to be original and although everything is somewhat recycled, when you’ve put your heart into something and it doesn’t do as well as others it can be very frustrating.


I (Hannah) also had a few questions to ask and things to say to Helen but honestly I was so flustered and a tad overwhelmed from the heat and actually speaking to Helen that I didn't manage any of it and just looked like some random awkward person that potentially didn't want to be there. I am a little disappointed that I didn't just go for it but hopefully there will be a next time! My advice to anyone meeting with someone that could honestly help you is to put aside who they are and just ask the questions that are important to you. 


To get support from someone who has essentially made it in the online world and to get their insight and tips is a big deal and we are both just so thankful that we had the opportunity to be a part of the day. It was also so lovely to chat with the ladies who put on the day at Access Creative and other young creators. Us girls have to stick together!

From going to the workshop it has highlighted to us how many young women really want to take the opportunity that social media has brought to millions across the world. It gives us platforms for our voices to be heard and to hopefully make some change in this vast world. It has completely reiterated to us as to why we wanted to create our creative community in the first place and it truly is to help each other out, no matter what stage you are in.


Very often support and praise is not there from other creator’s. We feel we should all have each others backs to help each other grow into who we want to be. A lot of the time ‘support’ is only shown in public in forms of collabs or vlogs. This needs to change.


If anyone who attended or was unable to attend the workshop would like to put their creative heads together we are more than happy to work together in one way or another! Drop us an email at:


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