September Goals

September 13, 2018


Another month has flown by and we are slowly saying good bye to summer. The nights are drawing in, the days are getting cooler and we have found some new motivation. 


The whole of this year has been extremely crazy for the both of us. We have found it difficult at times to get a good work - life balance as there have been a lot of things going on in our personal and professional lives; you may have noticed a lack of posts. However, we are learning to organise ourselves more and just take each day as it comes. 


Deciding to start a new business is a difficult task, let alone starting one when you don't have a constant cash flow or know when your next pay check will be. There have been moments of stress and plenty of tears but we both know what we want to achieve and always come back raring to go with new ideas!



This leads us to setting our goals for the month. Every good business has a business plan, right? There's no point just starting something without having an outcome to reach for. We know exactly where we want to end up and what level we would like Twilight Visuals to grow to even with the many stepping stones ahead.


For those days, weeks, or months of chaos and unstructured life we have set ourselves goals we wish to achieve in Twilight Visuals each month to help keep us on track.




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