Getting Ready for Making a Murderer Season 2

October 18, 2018

With Season 2 of Making a Murder being released on Netflix tomorrow, it's a great time to have a little recap of Season 1 and re-align ourselves with what we witnessed and get ready for the newest footage we're about to see.


Making a Murderer has become a subject of which many around the world have a strong opinion. We certainly after watching Season 1 were outraged by what unfolded before our eyes. From everything that was shown to us, we believed that Steven Avery had been set up by the Manitowoc County Police Department. As the episodes went on, more of the story unravelled and so did the case against Steven, with much of the evidence appearing to have been planted and confessions coerced through intense interrogations.



It's clear, learning about the Avery family, that they aren't well liked within the community. They don't dress the same, nor do they have a high standard of education, and it appears as though residents find them a nuisance and want them out. Previously, Avery was convicted of sexual assault and attempted murder, but he was exonerated through DNA testing after serving 18 years of his 32 year sentence. It came to light that the sheriff had told the DA not to screw the case up and that he wanted Avery convicted of the crime. Once released, he filed a $36-million civil lawsuit against Manitowoc County, its former sheriff, and its former district attorney for wrongful conviction and imprisonment. He was only a few months away from winning the lawsuit when he was accused of murdering Teresa Halbach, a local photographer.


When looking at this timeline as a whole, it comes across that the Manitowoc County Police Department are determined to have Avery behind bars. This story has left millions of people asking themselves, is history being repeated or is he truly a killer? With potential evidence being planted will we ever know the truth? Will Teresa Halbach's family ever be allowed the closure they seek?


Currently Avery and his nephew, Brenden Dassey, are still imprisoned, awaiting to know their future; whilst we are eagerly awaiting the release tomorrow, to catch up on everything that's happened since the cameras turned off at the end of Season 1.



Recapping the story and taking everything into consideration however, we have to look at this case from a filmmakers point of view. In a way we feel bad to potentially believe that Steven is a killer but the power of filmmaking can lead you to believe anything. Are the producers showing us everything? We have to consider that they may be showing this case from a biased point of view.


Everyone likes an underdog in a movie, a tv series, a book, no matter the story surrounding them, people can relate to them and strive for them to come out on top. Is this a tactical move to get the producers known? Or maybe to gain a bigger audience for documentaries which could potentially allow them more funding? They could have picked this case purely because they knew so many people would take Avery's side and it would put them and their work in the limelight. 



So many people around the world don't trust their police or justice systems, this is something that is general knowledge, so this could be a key motivation to getting millions around the world keeping tabs on this case and rooting for Avery.


Although, throughout this case we were on Avery's side, we have to keep reminding ourselves of key questions that are detrimental to the way this case has been portrayed. Are they cutting out the bad bits of Avery's story and just showing the bad parts of the Manitowoc County Police Department and it's staff? Or are they showing the case for what it truly is? If they are, what will this mean for police departments and justice systems around the world? Will there be more cases coming to the forefront where people have been wrongfully convicted? Will police departments and justice systems be re-constructed to prevent these cases from happening in the future?



If it is true, we believe that this series will have encouraged people to stand up and fight for the truth, but will it spark riots from citizens against legal personnel and their governments? We guess only time will tell.


We hope, like many others, that the new season will shed further insight into this case and hopefully make it clear as to what is actually going on here. 


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