Halloween Watch List - Week 1

October 17, 2018

The creepiest time of year is here once more and that means our halloween movie recommendations are back!


This year we wanted to present them slightly different so you can see what's coming up throughout the week. So we have only gone and created a calendar full of movies up until the big day for you all! We're hoping that this will make it easier for you to choose which movies to watch and to plan them into your week! Of course you don't have to follow our plan, you can swap the movies around as to how you're feeling on the day.


Also, instead of having one recommendation a day, you get two! YES, TWO! We felt one just wasn't enough! Plus there are so many movies and series to really get you into the creepy spirit, it was hard to get them down to a small group. This means that we have missed some key ones out that we love, but we will most likely be mentioning them at some point. 



We have aimed to have something there for everyone to enjoy throughout the next couple of weeks until Halloween. There are the classics which you would expect but also movies which you may not have considered before. There are the gore-y movies, the psychological movies and of course the whimsical charming movies for family time or just for anyone feeling nostalgic; we had a great time re-watching Casper! 


We've also tried to not have a repeat of last years recommendations to help you guys experience different movies. Everything we've included we feel you will enjoy, but if you don't, we're sure this will have given you some inspiration to create your own recommendation list!


One last thing, we have also gone above and beyond this year because as we've not only created a calendar of recommendations for you, but we've also included where to find these movies and series. The list includes, Youtube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, the Cinema and Renting or buying on DVD/Blu-ray. With streaming being a common way of watching film and TV today, we thought it was appropriate to start with these, but we also didn't want you to miss out on anything else that's great. Plus sometimes there's nothing better than having a trip to the cinema!


So without further adieu, here's our Halloween: What to Watch Calendar - Week 1!


Happy watching!



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