February Feel Good Movies

February 4, 2019

Where has the month gone? With ice on the ground and snow on its way, all we want to do is snuggle up to our dogs and put on a good movie. Now that January is over, we can leave the doom and gloom behind us and soldier through another month to get to spring. To help you get the spring back in your step, take a look at the February feel good film list we have put together for you!


If you haven’t seen a movie on this list, they’re all worth a watch, you can’t beat a true cult classic! Grab a blanket and be prepared for the nostalgia to hit!


Feeling down from the gloomy weather? Buckle up and grab some snacks, these films are bound to bring a smile to your face. If they don't then we don't know what will.


We all need a film to help our inner bad bitch shine 💁‍♀️ and trust us - the films on this list don’t disappoint! After you'll find yourself feeling revived and truly sassy, so why not have a girls night and be truly sassy together!


Whether you feel like watching a female empowering role or let your mind be eased, these newbies have something in store for whatever takes your fancy. We suggest grabbing a note pad as there are some good tips and lessons to be learned from these!


Say hello to some of our favourite series that pick us up and help us get through bad months. Light a candle, grab your favourite cheeky tipple, sit back and enjoy!


We hope our list helps you make it through the month! Let us know which you decide to watch and if there are any you would add.

Love Hannah and Vanessa xx



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