Weekly Inspiration: Netflix

March 3, 2019

We are bringing back our weekly inspiration blog posts, as we feel it was such a great way to introduce new people that you may not have heard of or considered and to perhaps inspire you if you are a film, photography or fashion lover!


This week we are taking a look at Netflix! Yes, Netflix! It is predicted by 2020 there will be 9.5 million people in the UK paying for a Netflix subscription, and honestly that isn't hard to believe. With more and more of us straying away from the standard tv channels due to cost and or time to enjoy them, the media streaming service has certainly hit popularity amongst many of us. 


The service has been running since 1998, but in recent years has built in subscribers around the world allowing them to enter into a new chapter in the film industry. Netflix originals entered our screens for the first time in 2016 and they haven't looked back since. Creating new and exciting content for all of those paying the monthly fee, to enjoy in the comforts of their homes. Yes, it's wonderful taking a trip to the cinema, but with the prices constantly increasing it is becoming a rare luxury. It is more reasonable for a family to pay the £5.99 (ranges on plan) a month for the streaming platform to view multiple brand new, recent and older movies and TV series, than pay £11 for one person to see a film at the cinema. Even though I was born in 1994, I never predicted that our viewing experience of new movies would change so much.


Netflix, have definitely been on a roll this year, releasing multiple Netflix Original movies and series, with plenty more to come. They have even introduced new search terms to help viewers find their next watch easier than before. You may have seen around Valentines day, suggested movies under terms of: 'Leading Ladies', 'Women Leads', 'Women Directors', 'Movies directed by Women', which made me instantly fall further in love with the streaming service. I really appreciate that they are celebrating women and making a statement about women in film. 

If you know anything about the industry, then you'll know it's not the easiest to get into and is also predominately lead by men. It is only in recent years that more women are getting a voice within film to be, do and create what they want. So to have a large movie streaming service such as Netflix, which was founded by two men, stand up and highlight women within the filming world, is a big deal and should be celebrated!


So here are our favourite movies and tv series directed by women. Most of these have recently been released on Netflix but we have thrown in a few oldies but goldies as they may surprise you as to who directed them. 



If this isn't enough of a list, definitely search the terms we listed above to see what you can find! Happy Viewing!

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