Weekly Inspiration: Sorelle Amore

March 19, 2019

Sorelle Amore has taken the internet by storm by teaching us to embrace our inner goddess through taking amazing selfies. She is the queen of self portraiture with her fantastic online Selfie University course, revealing all her secrets to her breathtaking photographs.


She's an absolute bombshell babe that succeeds to portray herself exactly how she plans before her sessions, every time. Looking for strong and powerful? Stand in the power pose with a sharp look in your eye and the camera looking up at you. Vulnerable and full of emotions? Pop yourself in bathtub in the middle of a fabulous hotel room that has a view to die for. She does it all!

Her confidence strides me as unstoppable. As a digital nomad she is constantly pushing boundaries and bringing forward more and more. I personally really appreciate the message on self-love she is spreading on her platforms with the ideas of taking professional selfies.

I adore that she is a minimalist and committed to buying a house after years and years of pursuing a lifestyle of living at her travel destination. Over on her channel you'll find all the tips on how she managed to afford such an unthinkable lifestyle.


It can be quite nerve wracking to be in front of the camera when you're the one always capturing them but low and behold personal brand photography forces us to stop out of our comfort zones to tackle the awkwardness. 

I completed the Advanced Selfie University course and felt rather pumped and ready to put all her tips to the test. The course takes you through step by step on what her set-up is from the basics all the way to revealing her professional practices. What's also great is that there's something for everybody. Whether you're an absolute beginner, own a professional DSLR or just want to take selfie's on your phone. She cover's it all!


It's indeed a whole load of trial and error but just one peak at Serelle's epic instagram feed instantly motivates me to keep going and try again. I have good faith that practice makes perfect and it was that it was that case for her too.

Whenever I think Sorelle couldn't get anymore amazing she only goes and post your regular Joe selfies. This just shows that it all shouldn't be taken too seriously. Have fun with it, blast out the music and utilise those self-timers. People in your feed will appreciate it!


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