Review: Dirty John

February 28, 2019

With an overwhelming choice on what to watch on Netflix, yet still no idea on what to commit to we thought we'd start a review series. Here we'll let you know what our thoughts on films or series are that we watched anyway. Hope you enjoy!

We're kicking it off with no other than Netflix's recent release of Dirty John. A real life story about how easy it is for things to go wrong when you're looking for the one. But this is definitely not a love story as we know it. We're all aware that pathological lairs, sociopaths and drug addicts exists but as a highly successful woman with children and a staggering career you don't expect those things to fall in the mix when you're looking for love.

What compelled us to give Dirty John a shot in the first place is the fabulous Connie Britton as Debra Newell in the lead role. Connie did an absolutely breathtaking performance in American Horror Story – Murder House so much so that I don't even question what she's in and give it a shot instantly. 


How satisfying is it when you dive deep into a film or series and it states that it's based on a true story? True perks of not doing your research before making a commitment on Netflix.


Directed by Jefferey Reiner, known for his work on Friday Night Lights and The Affair (both of which I have not watched yet), did quite a good job is portraying the cold mood that may have been there when the story in real life unravelled. However, I have to say that after watching Netflix's 'You' I would have liked a little more tension. With being a TV Crime Drama Thriller, where was the drama? I feel like Debra Newell's kids has more in store than the entire series *Yawn*.


Watching John and Debra's love story commence was like when you tell your girlfriend not to do something and then her stupid ass goes an does it anyway. Like hello? If a man storms off on the first date because he isn't getting any, he's not "the one" for you!


Can we just talk about sass from Juno Temple as Veronica Newell? She played an absolute spoilt brat with underlying emotional problems who channels them through being a passive aggressive bad bitch who really underneath just loves her family too much. I would have loved more from her. Now I know this is based on a true story but I feel like she stepped right of the set of mean girls and this character totally deserves her own series. 

Now I won't spoil the series for you but I was quite impressed with Julia Garner performance as Terra Newell but feel like it could have ended right there in the parking lot and not dragged on for the rest of the episode (I'm trying my hardest not to give spoilers). Her character was very whiney and emotionally insecure (but which teenager can't relate ay?) and then channelled her inner Zombie Apocalypse survival skills. I was was quite taken by how that scene unravelled although I sort of saw it coming.


If this film review full of clues hasn't left you confused on what kind of a "love story" this is then I don't know what will. Dirty John drags a little but it's definitely worth a watch if you're willing to wait for the last few episodes that explain the mind if John and his questionable behaviour. If you're wondering why it has taken us so long to talk about Eric Bana as John, then it's that we want you to make your mind up about him. But if you think this series is not for you then I definitely encourage you to take research the what happened in real life as there is a lot of coverage since the release on Netflix this February.

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