Shrove Tuesday: Best American Pancake Recipe!

March 5, 2019

So 'Shrove Tuesday' otherwise known as 'Pancake Day' is back again! Vanessa and myself aren't religious, however we do celebrate the day as it is part of our culture. From as young as I can remember I have always had pancakes for dinner on 'Pancake Day' with my family, which is a custom that has been past down through the generations. This may have started off due to religious beliefs but as family members moved away from those they still decided to keep the tradition. 


If you don't know the history behind Shrove Tuesday make sure you read our post discussing the holiday. In short though the day marks the start of Lent, a season of reflection and preparation for Easter, lasting a period of forty days. It is observed in the Christian, Anglican, Eastern Orthodox, Lutheran, Methodist and Roman Catholic churches. It's believed the practice of eating pancakes may have arisen to use up foods such as eggs and butter as they are discouraged from being eaten during the season of Lent.


As it is part of our culture and we aren't taking part in the holiday due to religious reasons, we won't be using all of our eggs and butter to make pancakes but we will be eating pancakes nonetheless. Plus we're going to let you in on our favourite recipe to make the best American Style pancakes which honestly you're going to fall in love with! They are a major crowd pleaser and are perfect for breakfast, lunch or dinner any day of the year, not just Shrove Tuesday! So without further ado here's the recipe:



Our favourite ways to serve them are with golden syrup or maple syrup and a range of fruit or just smothered in peanut butter! If you fancy really indulging though we definitely recommend adding a scoop of ice cream to your syrup and fruit combo and some bacon to the peanut butter one!

We hope you have a wonderful evening filled with fun, making pancakes with your loved ones, and if you do try our recipe, let us know!

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