Mother's Day Treats For Any Budget

March 24, 2019


Mother's Day is nearly here and if you aren't prepared with something lovely for your mum, you best get a move on! The shops have lined themselves with beautiful gifts but it's not always about spending money to say thank you to your mum, it's about spending time with her and letting her know that you appreciate and love her.


I have already done Mother's Day with my mum as she won't be in the country for the actual day but for those of you who are a bit behind, you do still have some time to get prepared as it's on the Sunday 31st. I've been in the boat before of remembering a few days before and having a little panic about what to get my mum and when I'm going to have time to get it. Thankfully you're in luck this year as you have me to not only remind you but to also give you some ideas for treating your mum this mother's day!


Now I've been working on a budget when it comes to gift giving recently and honestly when you have to get as much out of your money as you possibly can, you really see what's out there that is just as good as the more expensive stuff. Not to say you shouldn't treat your mum to lavish gifts, because if you can afford it she definitely deserves it, but you don't have to break the bank just to say thanks!


So here are my favourite Mother's Day gifts / things to do for my mum that you can do on the cheap at home or go out for!


1) Breakfast in bed/Brunch


Now I've complained about the whole breakfast in bed thing before but if your mum tends to do all of the cooking in the house, then this is a gold mine gift! You can leave her to have a nice lie in, cook up her favourite breakfast/brunch meal and serve it to her in bed or on your dining room table, that you have pleasantly set with a nice table cloth and some flowers. The more expensive alternative to this is treating your mum to brunch out at a nice restaurant, perhaps somewhere she's always wanted to visit but has never had the opportunity!


2) Pamper day


I love this one because who doesn't love a good ole pamper day! Grab ya hair turbans and dressing gowns and pamper yourselves to perfection. Yes, both of you can get involved in this one! Creating a great pamper day doesn't have to be hard as you will most likely have things in your home you use on a daily basis. Light your mums favourite candle, turn on some relaxing music ( this doesn't have to be sounds of the rainforest, it can be her favourite tunes!) and bring out all of the goodies you have for the day.


A great place to start is a hair mask, so you can pop it through your hair and then have your turban on through the rest of your pamper session whilst the mask soaks in. For the face you can't say no to a face mask but if you feel you want to go a bit further you can also do an at home face peel and add in a moisturising eye sheet mask! Whilst you're at it grab some foot soak masks or scrubs and your mums favourite bubble bath and you have your very own pamper session at home!

Obviously the alternative to this would be booking a spa session for you and your mum or for her and a friend to enjoy!


3) Afternoon Tea

Yuuuummm! We can't say no to a little sweet treat and we bet your mum can't either! Make up some sandwiches and a few cakes, add a pot of tea and you have achieved your own afternoon tea! Plus it really does range from place to place so you can really make it your own! Only do what you know your mum loves! I would probably get some macarons, make mini carrot and coffee and walnut cakes and have some nice parma ham and cucumber sarnies!


With this one there's perhaps a bit more prep work depending on your budget. I like to make cakes myself as it makes it part of the present that I've gone through the effort to make it, however you could always order some from a local caterer or even try M&S. The other option is to book in at a local cafe or hotel for a fancy afternoon of eating and drinking until you can't fit anymore cake in. This one could be a true winner!


4) Cocktail Evening


Now if you like your cocktails and so does your mum, there's nothing stopping you from grabbing some essentials to make some nice cocktails in the comfort of your home!If you don't have the basics, ie alcohol, this could become quite expensive, but once you have it you can do it again and again!


Use your mums favourite drink as a basis and look up some cocktail ideas surrounding that. Pick up any extras you need, set up a cocktail station with some nibbles and drink the night away! This is always a good one to look through old photo albums and reminisce about 'the good old days'!


A great alternative is you both getting dressed up and heading out to your mums favourite cocktail bar or taking her somewhere new for some drinks!


5) Favourite things!


If you're more of a gift giver than arranging things to do, simply get your mum some of her favourite things! Set a budget in your head and work to that and remember it's not about the quantity, it's the thought that counts!

Things that I love getting my mum that she loves too are a bouquet of flowers, chocolates, Prosecco, films, makeup and bath goodies! I wouldn't necessarily buy all of this for just Mother's Day but I would buy a range of things that would stick within my budget.


If you've got an even tighter budget, perhaps try making some gifts. I always look to Instagram and Pinterest for some inspiration, as you can always find nice things that aren't that expensive if you make them yourself instead of buying them from a shop! Something simple I did this year was up cycling some coffee tables my mum already had. I sanded them down, painted and varnished them and they look like brand new pieces of furniture that now sit better with my mums decor!


Whatever you decide to do for you mum this Mother's Day just remember it's all about showing your appreciation for her and that you care and love her! Happy Mother's Day to all the mums out there!

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