Toy Story 4 - Will It Add To The Nostalgic Series Or Will It Be A Disappointment?

April 7, 2019


Okay folks, we need to talk. Film is a huge medium for us all to fall in love with, it's not for any one person but for everyone. We grow up with favourite movies, which resinate and stick with us into adult life, that are then passed down, in a sense, to a new generation, a bit like your favourite music or sports team. When you listen to your favourite band or watch your favourite team play, around your children, it becomes a relation to you in their minds. These things can become nostalgic for your kids and remind them of fun family times they had when they were younger, which they will revisit time and time again in their adult life also. 


For example my Mum was a massive fan of Queen! I was brought up listening to their music (I was even born to Bohemian Rhapsody) and even enjoy it myself but it will always be something that reminds me of my Mum. I love things like this that can be passed down through generations, as it really shows the power of music and film to be able to stand the lengths of time. However, passing your favourites down can also cause the destruction of those very things. We want them to live on in all their glory, but sometimes new 'people in charge' just go that extra mile, thinking they can really help reach a new generation and in turn just tarnish the reputation of those things we hold so dearly.


We saw it recently with the new set of Star Wars movies. The Force Awakens, released in 2015, was a disappointment to those who are a fan of the Star Wars Saga, myself included. It was not what was expected and mimicked a lot of A New Hope, 1977, storyline, making much of the movie easy to predict whilst watching it for the first time. After seeing the movie it honestly felt like we had been cheated out of our money to basically re-watch a movie we had already seen. Yes there we're new parts added to further the Star Wars story, but there was just far too much in there that wasn't original in any way. This obviously didn't effect younger children who may have not seen the first three released Star Wars movies, so did potentially help to reach a new generation. However, for those already familiar, it felt like a cop out.


Unfortunately, it looks as though another childhood classic may be in the firing line. After the release of the Toy Story 4 trailer, there have been many people across the world complaining about what's to come. After watching it myself, I too had some doubts and a lack of spark whilst everything proceeded to unfold on the screen in front of me. I thought at first, perhaps it's because I'm getting older but then again Toy Story 3 came out in 2010, when I was 16. I wasn't an adult but I wasn't a child and yet, I remember seeing the trailer and being so excited to watch it when it was released. 


Toy Story 3 created such a wonderful ending to the story with Andy. After a large break between the second movie to making the third, there were some worries it wouldn't live up to one and two. However, it was a movie that really looked at the honest truth of growing up and what we do with our toys after a certain age. Maybe I enjoyed it so much because I have literally grown up with the Toy Story Series. Even though the main character is a boy, there is so much to relate to through all three. The whole feeling of getting a new toy and forgetting about the others, losing a toy, breaking a toy and even to the part of growing up and giving them away to carry on into adult life. We have all been there, so I'm sure many of us see ourselves in Andy.


The issue comes with the release of the 4th movie, if the trailer is anything to go by I don't think I'll be watching it. It focuses now on the little girl who Andy gave his toys to, who creates her own new best friend, pushing the others to the way-side. We've seen this theme before in Toy Story 2, when Andy received Buzz Lightyear for his birthday and he became the new favourite, pushing Woody out. However, her new best friend happens to be a spork with googly eyes, pipe-cleaner arms and feet. I remember creating things like this when I was in school, but never did I take it home and have it as my favourite toy. Not to say no kid does, but let's be realistic. These days toys don't come into it, playing outside doesn't come into it, it's all about electronic devices. I think it's nice to think kids would appreciate something so simple and I wish that were true, but if you handed a kid craft things these days, are they really going to take that over a tablet or an Xbox?


Maybe I'm missing the point. Maybe this is to literally show parents that kids can have so much joy with something so simple, but then again why did they feel the need to carry on the story? Everyone was so happy with Toy Story 3, not the fact Andy's story had come to an end but the fact the storyline was truthful and relevant. It was something we could all relate to. With Toy Story 4 however, I don't know if that will happen. Will the new generation of kids be able to relate to the little girl with a spork as a best friend? I don't know, but I guess that's my opinion and only time will tell.


If you haven't seen the trailer, you can watch it here. Please leave us your thoughts, we'd love to know whether you are looking forward to it or not!

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