5 Must-Have Apps for Creators

March 14, 2019

As a creator it's not always easy to get creative. Whether you work from home or are on that 9 to 5 grind, sitting down at the time you allocated to get on with you "side hustle" is not as easy as pressing a button. We're all about working smarter and not harder. So we bring to you our favourite apps that are an absolute must-have for creators.




1. Adobe Lightroom

Moving on to more productive apps, Lightroom it another absolute favourite. Adobe Lightroom comes in quite handy when you don't want to invest into fancy editing softwares. Having tried many mobile editors, Lightroom is our go to as it gives you the chance to make detailed adjustments as apposed to slapping on a filter on your photo and calling it a day. Many people use the paid version of FaceTune to get those crisp white Instagram feed but why pay for something if you can do it for free in Lightroom? It definitely helps us to unlock creative potential on the go.


2. Word of the Day

If you're working on your start-up business, you're more than likely utilising social media and writing blogs as a means of free advertisement. The Word of the Day app enables you to break away from thesaurus and widen your vocabulary for whatever you may put your writing skills to good use. Besides, how good does it feel to drop your need find in conversation or share your knowledge with others. 


3. Mystic Mondays 

If you're into Tarot and often seek spiritual guidance or are just generally interested what the universe has in store for you, this app is for you. We often read our cards and make sense of our day and set expectations of what's to come. Although you're ultimately in charge of how your day goes, it's motivating to be told that good is to come and the stars evidently are in your favour. A little motivational push from the universe can't harm.


4. Adobe Rush

We've only come across this app very recently but we've got to give it Adobe for making mobile user-friendly versions of their industry standard softwares, for everybody to enjoy for free. We applaud you! Whether you use Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere Pro CC, both of which is used by professional filmmakers, with Rush you can edit in the comfort of your phone or tablet device. This is specifically great for the past-paced social media era we live in. Keep posting videos on the go without having to sacrifice your editing style.


5. Effing Weather

The weather app that'll tell you when it's effing cold. If you're living in the UK you're more than likely not surprised if the weather forecast is wet or cold, it's pretty standard. However, this weather app is for people with a sense of homour and are not afraid of swear words first thing in the morning. It's an an amusing app that certainly picks you up even if it's going to be effing cold.


And this concludes the list of apps we find ourselves using daily or at least on a weekly basis. We'd love to hear how you get on with any of these apps. 

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