Weekly Inspiration: International Women's Day

March 8, 2019

With the annual celebration of International Women's Day (IWD), we stand together and celebrate the rise of females who changed history, fighting for their rights. It's the powerful movements, women, before our time actioned, that we earned to right to anything today. Don't believe us? Read on about the small victories we have today as females and find out about more outrageous period controversy men will certainly never have to go through.


Advertisement Campaigns Are Facing The Reality

We applaud small and big brands alike for running campaigns to empower women. It seems that with half of the earth's population being female, the potential of not sexualising us in advertisements has finally caught on. It's fantastic to come across email campaigns from brands like Getty Images on celebrating Female Photographers when they could build a campaign targeting their whole audience, both men and women. Thank you. 


Too often we see women sexualised in marketing a product and marketers should absolutely acknowledge that sex is not an ethical way to sell your product. It spreads the wrong messages to young, easily influenced people and subconsciously tells society that it's okay to view a woman that way when it's not. There are now thousands of campaigns that celebrate women and we are just thrilled to see this rise. We also loved this campaign from Nike, showing women who are not usually portrayed by the media.



We Live In A World Where Periods Are Deemed "Dirty"

In a Village of Nepal, something called “chhaupadi” is practised – being shunned from your own home when you're on your period. Now, this is a cultural practice, but isn't it outrageous that we live in a world in which women and girls have to go through this every month? It's bad enough that we have to bleed, let alone being kicked out by your own family.


In third world countries sanitary products aren't even widely available, if at all, and in most countries where they are, they're deemed as a luxury. You may see yourself as educated enough to know this won't happen in the first world but we can't ignore the fact that we do live in a world where it does. 



People Still Don't Understand The Idea Of Feminism

With issues of sexual discrimination and gender pay-gap rising to the surface more so last year, we continue to bring the idea of feminism to the table for men and women to be treated equally across the board. It really shouldn't be that difficult to understand the idea of being a feminist but it still poses a problem of understanding and clarification to this day.


Women Who Stick Together, Stay Stronger

We bow down to females who embrace each other's successes and are willing to show their support to other women. Too often we hear of a jealousy feud between rivals that were once friends. It's become very obvious today, that cheering other women on does not show weakness. Not only does it make you stronger but it shows that you can pack away your ego and drop those signs of envy just because another woman has strived for her goals and reached success before you did.


Women still have to work twice as hard in some industries to be taken as seriously as men. The absolute smartest way to work around this is to have each other's backs. Perhaps a list of the worlds most influential women will kick start that motivation to reach for your goal and there's nothing wrong with seeking some help to get there. Your success, are our victories too.

Can you believe 50 years ago we had to ask men for permission to drive? Women only just got the right to drive last year. We'd be would be lucky if we were even allowed to set foot outside of the house and find a job in 1969. We really do wonder what will be in the next 50 years to come. 


Twilight Visuals Are Inviting You

With expanding Twilight Visuals to In The Twilight, our mission is to inspire and empower other women with our sister company. We'd love to collaborate, share and capture your story – because together we're stronger.

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