The Aim

Eve, founder of the Lightbox, approached us with the idea of capturing her new bar/cafe in video format. She was unsure on the best route to go with the piece but she wanted to capture the overall essence of the Lightbox.

Eve put her trust in us to go ahead and use our creativity to produce a piece worthy of showcasing the bar to new consumers. From initial discussions to the final piece, we kept Eve in the loop to understand what we were doing but she was still surprised and overwhelmed with the outcome. She now has her first short video to entice people through the door.

Behind The Piece

Showing off what the Lightbox has to offer is at the forefront of this piece. Eve, founder of the Lightbox, wanted to convey the feel of the company to her target audience.

The piece focuses on three of the wonderful cocktails they have on their menu, being made on their beautiful bar area. As they had newly renovated the building, they wanted to show off the bar off in this short video.

This is so great, thank you so much Hannah and Vanessa. The work you have put into creating our piece really does show and it captures The Lightbox exactly how we wish to portray it to the public!
- Eve, The Lightbox Founder

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